Missed my induction.

I was due to be induced Saturday at 38 weeks due to my blood pressure but my body had other plans. Friday I had an appointment and my cervix was checked the midwife was a tad rough and I bled a tad after. My and my hubby went to the store and I was feeling kind of crampy and uncomfortable but never turned into contractions. We went home and ate then we were working on installing baby girls car seat and I felt my water break. Me and my hubby gathered up our things then headed to the hospital. We got there around ten and went to triage they did a test and confirmed my water broke, I was admitted around 12am. I was having contractions but they were very mild and not painful. They never progressed to being painful so they started pitocin. The contractions came but they were fairly mild to start with. Soon they got super intense and I was sobbing. My nurse checked me and I was still only 3cm after over an hour of painful contractions. My goal was to go no epidural but the pain was wayy too intense and I couldn’t see myself making it through the contraction pain to get from 3 to pushing. So I got the epidural and maybe ten min later it kicked in and I felt next to nothing. After two hours I went from a 3cm to 9cm I fully believe the epidural made that possible. Before I knew it I was a ten and ready to push. My hubby held one of my legs and the nurse held the other and coached me on how/when to push. They told me it normally takes an hour to push but I was so determined to meet baby girl so I made the most out of my pushes. I pushed for maybe 30 min and my baby girl was born she was 8lbs 5oz. It was the best high ever holding her in my arms. They cleaned her up and my hubby held her and she stopped crying immediately after she heard his voice. Over all I escaped with just a 2nd degree tear and a gorgeous baby girl.