Unexpected arrival


So I've been reading all these articles on mucus plugs and bloody shows and everyone being dilated and effaced and thinking to myself, I'm never gonna have this baby cuz I saw non of those things. At 36 weeks when my doctor did an internal everything was closed up tight 😒

Fast forward 2 weeks and it's 2am and I'm awaken out of sleep with this immense pain. My husband jumps up and says is it time? To which I say nah. No way it's time yet. (My first kid was 12 years ago and I had him after 4 hours of labour). Well let me tell you ladies....it's a good thing my husband woke up my mom and she literally made him drag me out of the house cuz an hour later out popped 5lb 10oz of perfection in the form of my daughter. For all of you who're still waiting for something to happen to show that labour is near, take it from me.....it happens when it's supposed to and things change in a split second. I wish all you ladies safe deliveries and healthy bundles of joy!