Ligament pain so bad you cant walk?

Chelsea β€’

My husband and I share a car so I'm sitting in it waiting for him to get off work currently. About 30 more mins. I left work early because I'd been feeling pain on my lower left side for 4 hours. I even called my doctor to make sure I dont need to come in. The nurse said it's just ligament pain, gave me some suggestions and told me to hang in there. I called because everything I've read says it only last a few minutes. This was consistent and hours long. I could barely walk down the hall to the bathroom. It hurt to sit in my office chair. I tried laying on the floor and had a hell of a time due to the pain laying down and the pain trying to get back up. A coworker noticed my shuffle and comforted me as I bawled primarily from the anxiety of the pain. But also because the pain. I got chills at that point and it got worse from there. I decided to leave so I could rest better and see if anything improved otherwise my next step would be the ER. But sitting in the heat of my car is allowing my body to relax. Its crazy how much extra the anxiety added to the symptoms. I dont know what my little girl is doing in there lol. She is always active, but since last night shes been flipped around where shes kicking my insides instead of the other way. I think she had wedged her self in ball or something on my left side today still kicking the inside. The pain has lessened now and I feel a lot of movement on the right side so maybe shes finally moved.

That pain was intense tho! People kept saying as long as you're not doubled over in pain, spotting etc. you're good. But I was doubled over in pain. I wonder if I have low pain threshold? If so this is going to be an interesting rest of pregnancy and delivery πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…