Client sending hearts?

The other day my husband was asking me to text a client for him as he was driving. I went into their conversations and i noticed this client sent my husband a Purple Heart after he said thank you. The conversation had ended after that, my husband didn’t respond. I had never seen this client before until recently and she’s a young woman, maybe 28 years old? She’s pretty, thick; nice body. Probably not my husbands type but who knows. He likes tattoos and she has plenty on her body. I mean, the chick is pretty and she always has different color hair so she’s fun. I never said anything to my husband because sometimes clients are just being friendly. And I had also talked to her now.

Today we picked up a check from her and she wrote “thank you ❤️❤️” on the check. I told my husband this woman likes writing hearts all the time. He started to laugh. But I was serious. Even when she talks to my husband, she seems timid but sometimes does this flirtatious and awkward face expressions. It’s weird to describe to be honest. Maybe I’m looking too much into it. But should I be bother about this? I don’t want to look insecure. Also, she came out today with short, shorts. Up her vagina and you could see her butt a little. At times I could tell she get uncomfortable but at the same she didn’t care. She also wears NO bra ever. So you can see all her tits.

She’s also kind of a hippie, Rocker looking chick. Free spirt I would say. Her boyfriend lives with her but she seems to take over everything. So 90% were talking to her. We do construction and we’re working on her house so we see her on a daily basis.