Help!! ASAP please


Im 14 and just started my period (5mins ago) and I'm going tomorrow to a family camp weekend with my bff and her fam. There is a pool and my mom doesn't let me wear tampons normally, especially not if she's not in town/ I'm not with her.

What do I do? I've already talked to my friend about how excited I am to swim... It will be weird if I don't...

Also my bathing suit has perfectly placed black and white stripes down crotch area all the way to my butt. Why?!?!?

Edit: spoke to my mom. Not getting hint that I need tampons for tomorrow, basically told me to suck it up and that it happens to everyone...

Edit, again: thanks everyone for your help, we talked and she went to the pharmacy for something she needed, I think she's going to buy me some.

Last edit: yay she got me tampons! Thank you all for the help and thoughtful responses, I really appreciate it. This is a really awesome community.