TMI Trigger Post 10 weeks pregnant

So today I was cleaning my whole house for my sons birthday party. 2 days ago went to see dr about small spotting. Had a small sub chronic hematoma. Well today. I started gushing blood. Called my neighbor to grab my son who was screaming crying. I had on a light grey jumpsuit. Blood everywhere. Down my legs all over the floor. My light grey suit now red. My sister in law rushed to my home to take me to the er. Well my hematoma hemorrhaged. I thought the worse. 2-3 inch clots and uncontrolled bleeding. Well

After I passed a huge clot. Bleeding slowed. But... baby is still okay now on bed rest so canceling all my travel plans. Don’t always think the worst until you are told the worst. Picture what I sent to my dr who told me to

Rush to hospital.