What do i do in this situation?

So my mom was gone, so I got naked and hopped in a bed as I read onlinr that if you sleep naked then it'll make you more confident and it help with you Vaginal health.

My mom comes home. (Mind you, we are staying in a hotel.) And i curl up I a blankey, afraid that my step dad would see me.

My mom notices that I refuse to get out of the bed and she asks me "are you naked or something?" And I tell her I am.

She assumed that since I was on my phone that I was sending nudes.. She just left the house and she still didnt give me a chance to explain myself.

Shes beyond upset at me and refuses to talk to me..

What do I do? I swore to her I wasnt doing anything with any boys on my phone.. I cant believe my own mother thinks of me like that..