Ovarian Cancer at 25 years old.


Hi everyone! I’m 25 years old with ovarian Cancer. I have a 11cm mass on my left ovary. I’ve known about this cyst since 2012 then it wasn’t very huge. A few months ago after a emergency room visit and multiple tests and diff dr apts I found out I have cancer In my left ovary.

Over the years the pain and symptoms got worse. ESP in the last 2 years. As of now my cyst is 11cm, during the last two years I have dealt with crazy symptoms and random changes in my body. Some of which include, restless legs, constipation, migraines, and night sweats(like every night). I know it’s just changing my hormones. But the biggest issue/change I’ve dealt with is weight gain. Over the last 6 years I’ve honestly have eaten the same. Nothing had changed. And if so, it’s a minor change. I went from 150ish to now I’m over like 230 but I may not look like I’m 230 but my body has definitely showed big changes of weight gain. Has anyone who has had ovarian cancer or currently has it, or even just dealing with cyst have encountered a dramatic weight change? I’m afraid working out won’t even make a difference due to my hormones still being out of wack or acting differently with the massive cyst i have. Looking for some advice on weight loss during this time. Thanks in advance. Two left photos are from a year and a year and a half a go, picture on the right is this last Christmas with my husband. :/