Feeling unattractive😔

Nany •

Long story short because I am feeling absolutely defeated😔 My husband has texted girls in the past (that’s besides the point though), he recently sent a dick pic to some bitch... but we are going through such a rough patch financially, I told myself our marriage is struggling enough as is, so let me not add wood to the fire. That was literally a month ago... and now I found him screenshotting pictures of other beautiful women and among one of those was my sister😔 What hurts the most is that after the dick pic incident I told myself maybe I’m the problem? You know, at that time I was one month postpartum so maybe I wasn’t taking care of myself enough or something... I’ve dropped 30lbs since then. I started to dress a little better.. we literally had sex at 4/5 weeks after having the baby because I didn’t want him looking elsewhere.. you know I’m pushing myself physically and mentally to get better but then a month later he does this. I’m two month postpartum and I feel horrible... I feel ugly... used.. fat.. saggy boobs, wobbly stomach, ugly hair... just disgusting. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but it’s kind of hard 😔 .. any advice? Words of encouragement.. anything.