Omg it’s a....


I am a first time mommy. It’s been amazing so far full of surprises. This whole 5 months before finding out the gender I was so sure it was a boy. Although my husband and I spoke how much we could see ourselves with a little baby girl we were just so happy that the gender did not matter as long as the baby was healthy. We decided to have a sister of mine be the only one who knew the gender not even my husband and I knew. The day came and I was still sure it was a boy I wore my blue dress and husband wore his blue shirt. I have three sisters who’s first born were boys I was so sure that was my fate. I arrived at the party and i could see everyone was wearing blue there was some splash of pink but many decided to wear blue.

The reveal was amazing. Two wardrobe were created one blue one pink. I immediately chose the blue hubby stood in front of the pink. We were asked to just open. When I open the blue wardrobe I see a bunch of random crap. With a confused face I look at my husband and his reaction said it all he was so happy and before he can say it’s a girl I ran and hugged him. The pink wardrobe was full of baby girl clothes. For three days I was still in shock. It’s really a baby girl lol.

Baby girl you are going to be so loved by everyone. Mommy and daddy can’t wait to meet you.