Okay, can someone please help/give me advice...

I have very severe anxiety, usually only induced by my family. They’re very dysfunctional... I am turning 23 this month and my SO and I live together about 4 hours south of them, so it’s not them causing me any stress at the moment.

Lately, my anxiety has been coming out of nowhere, giving me panic attacks and an overall ticking time bomb feeling...

This right now is stemming from my dog, who is NOT affectionate and likes his own space, doesn’t like to be pet all that much, and NEVER cuddles; he all of a sudden is very affectionate, he keeps resting his head on my stomach, needs to be touching me and it’s freaking me out that I may be pregnant.

I normally wouldn’t worry, but there was an accident about 9 days before <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">eve</a>/glow said I ovulated, although their calculations could have been wrong. Because it was 9 days before I ovulated, I opted out of buying plan b and now I’m regretting that decision.

Just a bit of a back story, me and my SO have been together 6 years coming this July. We are both graduating with our bachelors degrees this December, and live in our own space with 2 dogs in our college town. We are very serious about each other, so this is not like it was a one night stand. But, I don’t feel ready to be a parent.... I feel like I jinxed myself because I talk about baby names all the time, nurseries, have a baby registry full of things I want when the time comes... I like lists and I like things planned out. I wanted kids after I graduated and after getting married (or in our case, we plan to elope in the mountains of Montana within the next couple years). We wanted to move out there after we graduated and now I feel like I ruined our plans.

Anyway, sorry for going on a tangent and thanks if you read this far... my period isn’t due for another 3 days, so I’m hoping it shows up on time (or earlier!), but I’ve been feeling weird... for instance, I’ve been having this weird cramping/pinching feeling in my left ovary for about 8 days, the pit of my stomach feels weird (probably because I’m stressed), I am very lightheaded when I stand up, it feels hard to breathe, almost like the air is heavy (again, could be my anxiety), and more.

Hard to describe what I’ve been feeling, but I feel different... how did you ladies feel right before/when you found out you were pregnant that made you think “ohh, makes sense now”?

Or maybe, idk, give me advice or try to ease my anxiety?? I don’t want to bring this up to my SO at the moment, at least until I’m absolutely sure :/

Thanks in advance...