Please help 😩

Iv been racking my brain all week. I gave birth to my little girl 7 weeks ago. I took the pill as contraception right away, I am not breast feeding. I bled for 2 weeks after giving birth, then it stopped for a few days, then 1 day I had a Randum bleed. I’m sure 2 days after that I had sex but I can’t remember. Yes we never used protection I was taking the pill. But last week I had some discharge that I haven’t had and I had quite a few cramps that I’m still having now. I had my check up with the nurse on Wednesday and she did bloods to check for pregnancy I’ll find out Monday morning what they are. But I took a few tests and Iv had very very faint near enough invisible lines, but I feel like I see colour I just can’t make it out. If I line or a slight change of something shows up does it really mean your pregnant?? I am so confused and I am in disbelief that I might be pregnant as I had a horrible pregnancy and I am suffering PND and anxiety. I am so stressed out. Please look at this and shed some sense of these tests 💖