Wedding dress fitting while pregnant?


Okay I made a post on glow about this last week but everyone thought I was asking about hiding my pregnancy lol, so here it goes:

I found out I was pregnant last week, and I'm getting married late July (I will be 11 weeks) I already have my wedding dress bought and they're just doing slight alterations on it. Question is, at 11 weeks how much weight or inches did you gain in the stomach area? Or was there no gain yet? Bc the problem is my dress fits PERFECTLY in the abdomen area! At 11 weeks, will I still fit into this dress? I know every body is different but it's going to cost a lot of money to alter it since more fabric would need to be added and it'll be very uncomfortable if I need to suck in my stomach the whole time lol.

Not sure if it changes anything but this is not my first pregnancy, but I also never made it to term with the others. Longest was until 11 weeks with twins and I DID have a noticeable bump. Any help or insight is appreciated!