No good! Do not eat.

Mino • after 12yrs of TTC, 5babies lost, #1🌈 baby born 10/19’ 🚼, baby#2 born 4/21’, currently expecting #3 EDD 10/22’ 💕 God is good 😊

I’m soo bummed, I bought this bread cause it sounded and looked soo good, it tastes great to however I was eating my breakfast sandwich and as I was reading the label saw it Contains poppy seeds! I just read an article the other day of a mom who has a bagel before birth with poppy seeds and tested positive for opiates. Im upset I spent over 5 bucks for this great bread only to not be able to eat it plus it’s delicious 😩 I took pictures of the package and label ingredients to show my ob just in case I test positive during my next urine test, my doc tests our urine every visit so I’m hoping that if I do have traces it’s gone within the next 9 days. Anyone have any experience with these pesky seeds during pregnancy? Please share.