Do I have a right to say something?

My brother in law told us he was losing his bedroom for the week due to guest coming to town for his sisters wedding. So we let him stay with us. We found out he only lost his room for one night. I normally wouldn’t mind anyone staying with us. But he is 16 and won’t go poop anywhere but himself. Then he won’t even change himself. He causes our entire house to stink. And stains our furniture. And we have 8 bags of chips left over from a house warming party we had, he literally ate everyone except for Cheetos and one thing of plain chips. And I’m super upset because I wanted to eat some of the Doritos, and there are none. I don’t want to upset my husband, but I don’t want him staying here anymore. We don’t have the money to go replace all the food and sodas he has drank.

Update: he does not have a mental illness. He just refuses to stop playing his video games to go to the restroom. He’d rather just shit himself🤷‍♀️ we didn’t know he’d come here and literally eat EVERYTHING. I talked to my husband, he’s going home on Monday. And my husband also forced him to shower and clean up after himself