Annoying MIL


I’m so annoyed and yet so freaking relieved that My MIL will not be watching my daughter anymore. Like I picked her up today it was her last day over there and all she did was complain about how she cried and that she is spoiled (insinuating that I pick her up too much). First off I don’t spend the day walking around with my daughter on my hip. I have to clean and cook and shower and take care of other responsibilities which I do. Of course there are days when she is fussier than others but she’s a happy baby overall. I give my baby love and attention and let her play with her toys and be a baby. When she’s there she wants to stick her in a bouncer all day and wonder why she’s upset she gets bored and lonely so of course she is going to cry. Don’t question my parenting because you don’t have the patience to do something you offered to do in the first place. So happy my hubby is okay with me staying home more with her so that I can be there for her instead of his miserable mother that thinks she knows all to parenting. *end rant* any other mothers know how I feel comment below!