Bf/baby daddy vent

I usually call him my husband or fiancé but tonight I feel like he’ll never be any of those. We’ve been together for 3 years and have a 7 month old. I probably won’t even post this, if I do it’s a miracle. Y’all don’t know how many times I’ve just typed up what I’ve been feeling and then just not post it. I love this man dearly and he’s a great dad. He’s been sleeping in our spare room for probably over 2 months. Not because we’re mad or we’re having issues but simply because he wants his sleep 7 days a week. I understood why he did it during the weekdays because i would feel bad he had to go to work the next morning and baby was waking up a lot. Idk if I was ever really fine with it but now it’s just annoying and it makes me sad. My son hasn’t been sleeping very well this week he’s been waking up just about every 2/3 hours at night and it’s been really hard for me. So on Wednesday I asked him if on Saturday he can sleep with the baby in our room and I sleep in the spare room so I can catch up on my sleep, he agreed. He was even asking me if I was excited everyday even today he was asking and I was because I’ve just been overly tired this week. Then last minute he bails. I’m here crying because I’m exhausted, he knows how exhausted I am. I’ve had a headache that doesn’t go awake for 3 days because of the lack of sleep. Then he texts me to wake him up when the baby wakes up in the morning so he can take him and I can sleep in. That’s not even the point! I’m so sad. I have no idea if this even makes sense but I just want to sleep for more than 4 hours straight so I can be a better happier mom. That’s the reasoning behind me wanting a night to just catch up on sleep. I’m just going to post this since I’ve come this far already right