TTC really sucks sometimes, but how do you keep it fun or stop you're going crazy?

Some days I really hate that I can't get preg as easily as others, and some days I feel like I never will. But we haven't given up yet. For a while there I was really down about the whole thing. I still get down about it, but not as often or for as long. 
​We are ttc #1, so don't have kids yet. This allows us to go on dates frequently or to have date nights. This is the biggest thing that allows me to focus on something positive and relax.  Plus we take frequent breaks from active ttc (ie we stop using OPK's). 
Anyway, I thought it would be good for people to share things they do to keep BD'ing from becoming a chore and to stop ttc from taking over. I know I'm keen for new ideas. So, what do you do?