My boyfriend moved in my house

so my boyfriend and I are approaching 6 months officially but we’ve been together for 8 months. His father recently passed away from cancer and his step mother kicked him out. We think she has schizophrenia because she has a family history of it and she’s talking crazy and think he’ll poison her and tried to say he never visited his dad at the hospital which I know is a lie because I went with him.

So I picked him up and had him stay at my place. We’re only 19 so I live with my parents but they gave me money to buy him groceries because he’s a vegetarian. We went down to his old house yesterday to get the rest of his stuff and she called the police on us for a witness.

So he lives with me and my family now and this whole situation has stressed me to the point where I’m physically sick. I love him and I’m so glad he’s out of that toxic environment but his step mother has made me so angry with what she has done.