Am I the only one?

Is it weird that I preferred getting fingered by HIM than getting penetrate by his penis?

LOL’ed. Okay. Well. I am kinda new to sex. So, fingering just feels amazing. We started off with fingering a few days before we finally hit it (protected sex), and it hurts— also fingering, too. But, we recently caught up again and he fingered me and no more pain... I said no to sex because I just feel like I am not ready, yet... AND, I am still waiting for period to come... trying to calm myself down that I am not pregnant.


I’m not his first, but he is my first; therefore, he knows how sex feels like.

Is it wrong of me? I told my friends and they think I am weird, and they asked me “Are you sure you are not bi or lesbian?” I wouldn’t mind hitting with a girl, but imma stay loyal, 😂

Who else preferred getting fingered than having intercourse with their boo?

In return, I do give him blowjob and handjob. 😉