Head down!


Let’s start with, I’m 39 weeks tomorrow. 😅 I’m pregnant with my second baby girl. Well this little turkey has put me through some shit!! Lol. I had a version scheduled a week and a half ago and she turned on the first try. Two days later she turned back upright to her favorite spot under my ribs. 🤦🏼‍♀️. Well fast forward to my next dr appt, they told me we needed to schedule ANOTHER version because she was breech. Well, THANKFULLY my little turkey decided to turn back this last Friday (a week after the first version) and is still head down three days later! I’m so ready to have this baby girl!! (she’s still high up, but thankfully no longer breech 😍) Her name is Iris Lily-Isabella. Anyone else have issues with their babies moving head down?! Here’s today’s US of my sweet little thumb-sucker! 💕