I'm done.

I'm just done. I want to pack my bags, remove all online presence, change my name, and move to somewhere no one knows me.

But I don't think I could. I love my partner, and both our children very much. I'd miss them, and my parents and siblings, too much. But oh, to not have a care in the world again. To hide away. To not HAVE to do anything. I would have so many opportunities. So many new things to try. To just be left alone...

Edit - It's not so much I actually WANT to do this, it's more that my partner works long hours, for the last 3 weeks someone in the house has been unwell, I'm trying to keep up with regular doctors appointments for my March baby, and various meetings with the school my oldest starts going to in September, with no help. Because everyone has been unwell I've fallen behind on housework and I'm struggling to catch up with it again. And I've not long started my period again.