I’m Freaking Pissed.

For 9 months, my in-laws have been saying they’d be here for the birth. Then, they changed it to 2 weeks after. Even booked the tickets yesterday. Then, we get a text message saying that they’re not coming for weeks (if at all). They said it’s due to a lot of stuff going on, which I understand.

What pisses me off is that 1. My fiancé busted his ass getting the house ready for them. He set up an entire guest room, repainted it, everything. Had been keeping the yard extra nice to impress them. Planned on going fishing with his dad. And 2. If they had let us know ahead of time, my parents could have made plans to stay and help longer. At this rate, my parents won’t be here to help once we get home, they’ll pretty much only be here while I’m in the hospital.

I know my fiancé is going to be insanely disappointed. All that hard work he did for them to have a nice place to stay. 😔