She told me he f***** her

Ahhh I am so confused. So I usually see my bf for lunch at his work and we have sex at Costco in the car.. so Friday we got in an argument in the morning but we talk almost all day, maybe 10 to 20 min interviels we dont. So Friday he had a luncheon at work for employee of the month and he sent me a pic of the buffet around 12. Then I came to see him around 1, he said he already clocked out for lunch so he didnt have much time but we went to Wendy's and didnt fuck cuz he said since we were in an argument he wasnt horny. Whatever. Then he called me after and we talked the rest of the day. We always meet at the liquor store by his work. So fast forward to today, his ex wife/baby mom sends me this. Now she has told me before she fucked him but it was days/times when we were together so I know it wasnt true. She really hates me. I usually wouldnt belive her at all but she mentioned the liquor store and he didnt want to fuck me...and he had my car that day so I would assume he would use her car. We also fucked that morning and night. Now I showed him this and he denies it and says I know she always lies and that she knows theres a liquor store there because shes been there before when they bought their car and Google maps. They also have each other blocked so they always call from no caller id. What do u ladies think?