What would you do??

So back at the beginning of April I was babysitting my friend’s little boy for a few hours. He’s 6. I have two girls (6 and 5). They played and everything was fine. Well tonight, my oldest daughter was talking to my mom something about the baby (I’m pregnant) and she told my mom that the last time he was over, (which is when I was watching him) that they played “baby” and he pulled down her panties and pretended to wipe her front and back butt. She didn’t not tell me the day it happened because I would’ve handled it on the spot. I’ve watched him plenty of times before and didn’t have any problems with him. She said he didn’t physically touch her privates but just pretended. I explained it’s still wrong and she should’ve came and stopped me from cleaning immediately. I don’t care how busy I am, that is an urgent issue.

It’s obviously been a long time since this happened and I’m just now finding out. I don’t know if I should tell his mom or not. It’s been so long and I feel like she’d think I’m lying or something and it wouldn’t be worth my effort in the end. I just wish she would’ve told me that day 😒

What would you do?

Do little boys this age usually act like this? If not what could they possibly be teaching him at home to cause these actions?

I’m obviously not going to baby sit him anymore. Because if he’s doing this little stuff now, it’s going to escalate eventually.

*before anyone goes judging me, I DO keep an eye on my children, I can’t be breathing down their neck every second of the day. These things happen so fast.