I think I ruined sex for myself

So long story short I started masturbating about a year and a half ago, quickly found out that clitoral stimulus is the McDonalds of masturbation: fast, easy, and results in short lived pleasure. I can get off otherwise, but it takes about a half hour. So I recently got into a relationship, and let’s just say his knowledge of penetrative sex just barely strays away from sloppy jackhammering. When he eats me out, it feels good but never lasts long enough, or I get in my head and psych myself out. We communicate about what we like and don’t like, but every time we have sex it just feels like our bodies don’t fit right. I’m worried that I’ve just training my body to get used to the way I masturbate. Any tips y’all could give to me to get out of my head, or things I could tell him to help point him in the right direction would be much appreciated.