When to stop in cycle..


Hi there. We(I am the carrier) have been TTC for 1 cycle. Currently 6 days away from period and we’ve taken 3 pregnancy test, all negative. We do NI so it’s been since 6/6 that we’ve been inseminating on a daily basis. We have donor until 6/24. Partner wants to continue til donor leaves I’m just exhausted from seeing negatives PT and OT it’s disheartening, so I want to stop this cycle til my period and then try again next month. Told partner tonight, it was a huge blow up! I’m selfish wanting to stop because it’s like I’m giving up and it might be hard for me but it’s extra hard on her..I’m experiencing things out of the normal PMS. Nausea, heartburn, mild mild cramping, spotting after insemination(on day OT was a slight more promising.) really weird cravings. Usually I cramp the day before then I get it the next day. Not sure what to do here.