Please no judgement pregnancy just isn't for my body.


so just felt i needed to see if i was the only one who hated being pregnant the outcome dear god is amazing i wouldnt choose to not be pg at all but i hate it ! My first pregnancy i never gained any weight infact lost 30 lbs and had hyperemesis gravidarum the whole time vomited 9 mths and hated being pregnant but my daughter made it all worth it ! then the doctors told me we would never get pregnant on our own and after 8 years we finally are pg again and i cannot wait for the baby we are over the moon excited but i cant help but feel over being pg already been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum more sever this time i vomit so much sometimes vomit blood i struggle with anxiety and depression so the hormones omg lol were hard to deal with at first i see so many mothers say there pregnancy is beautiful and im here like hating it with everything in me lol. i cant help but feel like people may think im ungrateful because of me hating it or sometimes i make myself feel like that and just wondering if there are other mommies out there who feel this way? I prayed and cried and begged for a baby again and im sooooooooooo incredibly excited and thankfull just pregnancy is not for my body at all.