pregnant on pill?

has anyone gotten pregnant while taking the pill perfectly? i’m only 16 and me and my boyfriend don’t use condoms, he just pulls out. i’ve never missed a dose of birth control and i use it continuously to skip periods. i’ve been a little anxious recently and i think im just paranoid about getting pregnant because i just lost my virginity a month ago. my next period should happen at the end of july, but im having some breakthrough bleeding. i think that’s because right now i’m skipping one more period (i usually only skip 3 periods, this week would be my 3rd period but i skipped it again due to vacation). i’ve been bleeding (dark brown to light brown discharge) now for 8 days now and i’m a little concerned. i think it’s too long to be implantation bleeding, but i’m also one anxious girl so i always like to get others’ opinions. it also concerns me because even if it was just breakthrough bleeding from skipping my period, it’s been 8 DAYS! i would think i’d be used to the hormones by now. help!