To start, this is not for me. This is for a friend. She recently fell into depression due to her boyfriend’s condition. He goes in and out of hospitals all the time. Recently, he fell into a coma. The day before, she was with this guy. You know him as a f***boy or a promiscuous man. They were both a little drunk. He kept insisting that she sleep with him. She said no several times. She was depressed and wanted to die. He started choking her so she could pass out. This started to take a different turn because in my opinion, he got turned on and from that. He started kissing her and she succumbed.

They had rough sex, he did it in both of the holes plus fisting. (I know a lot of information but you’ll see why I bring this up). The plot twist is she was a virgin and it was her first time.

He finished but she didn’t know if he finished in her. She said she was bleeding a lot. Which I know the first time you bleed but not too much. She hasn’t been able to pee. She also told me, that her stomach has been hurting and everything basically hurts.

The reason I told this story, is because there’s many women and girls who let men take advantage or even don’t let them. Please give me advice on how to comfort her. She lives far from me and I want to be able to help her. I feel that many women sometimes feel stuck in a situation where they feel alone. You are never alone. Always remember this. ❤️ I know this was a lot of read but thank you for reaching the end. Please pray or hope she’s going to be fine. She hasn’t had the best childhood growing up.