Sexual frustration


So all my life I have never orgasmed during sex, no amount of foreplay, fingering, clit massage, anything gets me to orgasm. I can masturbate and orgasm just fine. So my fiance and I will have sex, and it's good, it feels good but usually he has to finish me off with my vibrator which ya I orgasm but I'd just like to orgasm from my fiance. I dont see why it's so hard. And my fiance never lasts as long as I'd like him too which isn't his fault but still. He is also pretty vanilla when it comes to sex and I'm not so I dont get a lot of my kinks explored and we talked about it early in our relationship and because he wasnt experienced he was willing to try but he realized that he just wasn't into what I was into which is okay. I wont force him to do anything he doesnt want. I'm just sexually frustrated and I dont know how to fix it.