Okay so it happened like this!


I was just chilling and suddenly my friend comes to the door yelling at me about a package left on my door step, lo and behold it’s from Similac trying to reach out to mothers in need and I thought I probably signed up for this when the baby fever was running high! Then I’m just sitting there a few hours later with stomach pains up the ass because I’m me and life doesn’t like me 😂, so I decide fuck it let’s take a test since I have like 300 of em lying around but first I take an ovulation test and mine always say Low so when it said Peak my face was like... “Bitch whattttttt.” So I go okay how about. A pregnancy test and it’s like pregnant and I’m like “well it’s defective” and the next one “pregnant” and so I’m like “the whole box can’t be defective!?” 5 test later “pregnant” so I’m like maybe it’s time to try a different Urine sample , a another urine sample later, and it’s a fainter like (since I forced myself and it was little to go on) but sis was like, “pregnant.”