best sex i’ve had in a long time🤤

i went to my fiancé’s house a couple nights ago. the second i walked in, he picked me up and threw me on the couch. i rolled over and put him on his back, leaving me on top. he raced to take off his shirt and pants but i slowly took off my shirt, revealing my lingerie. he went to pull down my pants but i stopped him. i could see his bulge sticking out of his boxers. i lightly caressed his tip and started rubbing down. his cock was fully erected to 9 inches. i pulled down his boxers just slightly and lightly grabbed his balls. i then completely took off his boxers and threw them behind me. his cock is large and thick, bulging. he then tried to take off my lingerie but i stopped him again. i smirked and bent over his throbbing cock. i licked the tip and slowly moved my way down to his balls. i nibbled his tip just the slightest because i know how much that turns him on. then i put my lips around his tip and started sucking him off. i kept sucking him for a while. then i pressed his cock against my vagina, covered with my thin lingerie, lightly. i ached for his cock inside of me. but i pushed his cock away, then i began to trace the outline of my vagina and slowly put a finger in. then another finger went it. and then i started rubbing my clit. i said “come join me daddy” and without hesitation, he grabbed my body and he tore the lingerie off of me with only his teeth. i spread my legs wide open and i was dripping wet with anticipation. he pushed three fingers in me all at once. i gasped in utter delight. he then ate me out. then i grabbed his throbbing cock and pressed it against my vagina again without letting it fully go in. without warning, i turned to face him and he began to thrust his cock deep in my vagina. i screamed his name and that made him more aggressive and he thrusted faster. he pulled out and came all over my face. then he faced me and started rubbing my nipples, slowly then progressively increasing in speed. he sucked on my DD tits and nibbled my nipple. i grabbed his cock, interrupting him, and began to deepthroat it. i pulled away, a mixture of my slobber and his cum all over my mouth and his cock. we then got in the 69 position and he ate me out as i jerked him off. after a little while of that, he pulled away as i was about to orgasm again. i groaned and tried to get him to stay. he turned to me and said “what, you aren’t the only one who’s allowed to tease”. he put his head near my pussy and began to gently kiss my inner thigh, moving his way closer to my vagina. after he reached my vagina, he pulled away and started rubbing my inner thigh with his index finger in circular motions. i moaned and he moved his way closer to my clit. he reached my clit and slowly rubbed it, very gently. then he started rubbing faster and harder. “if you orgasm, there will be punishments” he said in a sexy voice. “is that understood?” “yes daddy” i replied. he moved his hand away from my clit and once again brought his cock close to my vagina. he quickly shoved it inside of me and i screamed. i could feel my climax coming but i tried to contain it. he began to thrust harder than he ever has before. i moaned “i have to cum”. he continues to thrust and i squirted so hard. he stopped thrusting and began to lick my juices. “don’t stop” i begged, and he didn’t. he forced his cock in my mouth, choking me. i sucked as hard as i could, as i could feel we were both reaching our end. i pulled away, leaving strings of saliva. i made out with him and we both fell asleep watching a movie.