Am I expecting too much?

Short version: do you think your SO should help you find a job when you live in his country?

4.5 years ago I met my husband in his country and because we fell in love, I've stayed (my home country is 15000km away). We have moved every year (mostly because of his job) and every time I need to find a new job (and a social life). This is really hard because I'm on a temporary visa and his country is not very welcoming towards foreigners. When I apply for jobs I don't get invited for an interview, even though I'm skilled, have a great resume and cover letter. I've had a few great temporary jobs that I got through agencies (they make a lot of money when placing me at an employer so they don't mind I'm not from here). Also, although I speak fluent English, it's not my native language.

We have recently moved again so I had to quit my job and hardly see my friends anymore because he wanted to be closer to his job. I agreed to move because I don't want to only see him 3 days a week.

My husband thinks he's supportive because he doesn't expect me to do his laundry or other things. I clean the house, cook, do the shopping, take care of our puppy, admin, etc.

I've tried to tell him that I need his help finding a job, through people he knows or other ways. He suggested I can take a course, which would be great but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to with my visa plus I don't know how the school system works here. I think that if the roles were reversed and he would live in my country, I would do anything in my power to find him a job or something else. He has never helped me though and thinks he doesn't have to.

Am I expecting too much from him?