Hard time recovering.


my son was born Saturday night. super easy delivery. opted for epidural after pit was started and was going to be increased. after that i didnt feel anything!! i pushed through maybe 5 contractions and he was out. (Fyi, that bear down, aim up!! 100000% helped!!

easy breezy. no tearing no cut no vacuum... nothin. baby was perfect. i was perfect. even moving me to recovery i was up and walking to the bathroom and transfering myself... he took to breastfeeding like a champ. at least on my left,

not. my right so much.

was going to be released monday morning. but sunday night i spiked a fever. so they put me on iv antibiotics and said itll be tuesday morning. then last night it spikes again. 103.9. i just bought at least 48 more hours in recovery. theyre running more tests. i will hopefully know more when my dr gets in today. hoping for home by thursday now.

now my baby has had bottles binkis phm formula.... all the things i was trying to avoid...

but. hes healthy. and fed. trying not to be so mad at my body for not being able to cope. but im super frustrated. and worried that theres more...