Pain management during birth


Just thinking of starting to write my birth plan, I’m torn between getting an epidural and not getting one, I’m leaning towards not getting one just bc I can’t stand being numb and I want to be able to move around afterwards, does anyone have anything else they tried that helped them through labor other than an epidural??


Thanks for all of your comments ladies! My mom had me and my little sister with no pain medicine at all, with my other sister she had to be induced so she said she had some type of pain medication through her IV but it wasn’t an epidural and she could still feel everything, I wish I was as strong as my mom but I don’t think I would be able to do that lol. I’m not 100% for the epidural but I think I’m going to ask today at my appointment about other pain management options they offer and see what they say! I know the hospital that my dr is at doesn’t have like a tub or anything for a water birth, that’s what I really wanted but I would have to switch doctors and hospitals and all of that and it would be further away :(