How to manage hubby's expectation?

Hey ladies! Background: I have been on and off work out regiems since I met my husband. I haven't stuck to one for more than 3 months.

For the past year, my husband has started to make me feel guilty about what I eat and how/when I exercise. We've talked about this before, but I obviously did not communicate in a way where it clicks that I'm not his responsibility. He wants to make sure we live long and healthy lives together, which is great, but he's taken it a bit far in my opinion.

Case in point: I feel like shite today with an upset stomach and bad gas. I told him i didn't feel like going (never said I wasn't going), and he said that if I don't go then he won't go, and then we won't sign up for next be fair, I don't think he realized he sounded so dramatic. I asked him why he couldn't go by himself, and he said he had no motivation to go on his own and he likes that we do it together.

The thing is, I had this same stomach problem last week, so instead of going that day, we went the next. No big deal normally, but with my past history, and it happening this week, her lost it. He thinks this is the beginning of the end, so he's disappointed in me.

I think he has a legit fear of me and my health deteriorating. It's there a way I can help him let go of that fear? Xx