How can I deal with this

So my partner used to masturabate and apparently did it when i was asleep in the room and it makes me wanna cry to think about because when I do I kinda have to tell him.

I am not comfortable with either of us doing it I am asking him for help with me doing it and he says he doesnt but I dont totally trust that. I know some people will say it's normal and I get it is but I dont have to deal with everyone else's normal if I dont want to. I am willing to please him WHENEVER he is in the mood I'm not just asking him not to be pleased I'm asking him to ask me instead of doing himself because it kinda disgust me.

I just wanna know If I'm being reasonable. I think I am because I'm willing to make him cum whenever he needs it in exchange for him not masturabating if I wasnt willing to do it whenever I would feel selfish but I am willing to do it WHENEVER he needs.


Ps. Something that mostly bugged me was he did it after I was asleep in the same room. I find that really prevented especially considering I have been sexually abused.

This may not bug me as much if he did it in the bathroom or something and actually told me about it. I belive hes lying when he says he doesnt do it.