Am I panicking way too much?

Hi - I need a bit of a help :)
My cycle lasts 26 days. It's been like that for at least a couple of months as I can recall (four or five minimum). 
My last period began on 26th of August and finished on 29th of the same month. On the 12th of September I had unprotected sex with my bf, but he didn't come inside of me nor was he being close when pulling out. 
However, on the 17th of September (23rd day of my cycle), on the suggestion of my doctor, I took a morning after pill (Ellaone). 
Two days after I started bleeding (lightly) and it lasted till Tuesday - four days.
I called my doctor and she says it's not my period (even though I was about to get it on the 20th/21th), but an after pill bleeding.
Now, my period is late. And I have no idea what to do. I took the pregnancy test on 24th of September and it was negative.
What to do?
P.S. According to Glow, I had 3% of chance to get pregnant on 12th of September.