Hysteroscopy to remove IUD

I've had the mirena for 3.5 years. I've never felt the strings and while it's done its job as birth control, I'm not a huge fan. I've had pelvic pain, irregular periods/no period, and no sex drive since insertion. Last year I had an awful kidney infection and required an ultrasound to check on my iud and it's placement. My dr. told me that it was no longer situated quite right, but it would still do it's job as far as preventing babies. This year, my fiancé and I decided we were ready for a baby together (my two sons are from a previous marriage). I went to my Gynocologist and they attempted to remove the iud with a series of tools. Basically, they dug into my cervix with no pain relief whatsoever. They sent me home with some prescriptions for an upcoming procedure called a hysteroscopy  to remove the mirena. I'll be sedated and they will use a scope to enter my cervix and uterus to see the iud and use small tools to remove it. I'm glad that I will at least be out for this procedure and sent home with medicine because ever since they messed around in there last week I have had awful, horrible cramps. I am doing this and also being weened off several medications I take for bipolar disorder. Long story short, it's been a rough week. But I am looking forward to trying to conceive with my love. I hope we are successful and these trials will make us that much more thankful if/when things do go smoothly. Also, If you read my novel here and were considering an iud and I've persuaded you in the negative, know that usually this does not happen. Most women don't have issues. Speak to your doctor about any questions or concerns.