37 weeks 3 days

Julian William Awdiok ! Born 9/25/15 at 12:39 pm 8 lbs 2 oz 22.25 inches long 💙 
Went to dr on Thursday to get results of his measurement ultra sound ! They tell
Me he's a very big baby measuring around 9.1 oz, I ask for a pelvic check ! She tells me I'm around 1.5-2 cm dialted and 50% effaced! I'm thrilled atleast I no my body is doing what it should be doing. I go home have a normal night went to dinner w my family then home to her with my husband. I wake up at 115 to pee, go to the bathroom head back to bed just got comfy and GUSH I feel! I said oh shit got up and felt so wet my husband wakes up and I say pretty sure water broke! Got to hospital at 2 am with contractions about 4-5 min apart! They check me and now I'm 3 cm dialted water definitely bursted and I'm in labor ! Within 2 hours I'm already 7 cm ( still no epidural) now it's 630 and these contractions are no joke so much pain couldn't just sit there any more ! Got the meds and then realize only my one side or numb dr comes back and shoots more through line and tells me to flip to my side . I so and bam whole body numb and no longer in dyer pain . Started to push at 10:10 am I was 10 cm dialted pushed for a little over 2 hours and at 1239 pm he's was born! And I just love him to death! 
Now he's under the light due to being jaundice :-( stayed another night at hospital and hope he can come home tmro :) good luck ladies 👣💜💙