Parents house

One of my siblings are getting married so we are going out of state when my s/o will meet the remainder of my family for the first time. Everyone’s nice I know the issue won’t be getting a long... but I’m embarrassed for my s/o to go into my parents house.

A lot of people live there.

A variety of pets.

It’s usually pretty dirty.

It’s cluttered.

Not going over there is not an option... I kinda grew up around it so I just clean when I’m there and try to make it a little better when I can and try to block it out.. But my s/o is a huge germaphobe...

Any tips or advice?


I have been giving him forewarning.. And he keeps brushing it off like it’s fine.. I just know how grossed out he gets over small things so I feel like walking in there to him is going to be overwhelming and with all the animals there and hair he has bad asthma 😬😬 I get anxious just thinking about it


Staying at a hotel not sleeping there, we will just have to visit there for long periods of time. As it is the main gathering point.

Thanks everyone for the advice and comments ❤️