New house and child support

I’m pregnant with my second and both fathers I feel are just complete losers as much as I hate to say it. The child I’m carrying father is union makes decent money but somehow is always broke. My dad helped me get a house by co signing and I told him how much bills and everything would be it would all be $2000 mortgage and taxes and utilities all that included in the $2000 and he says it’s too much. Even though my cousins are moving in for about a year and will be paying $1000. He says yeah okay I can give you $450 it’s doable. I told him if he’s going to help me financially with the baby and he said “no but ill buy him whatever you need for him because i can’t trust that the money I give you will actually go to him” I hate him. I can’t believe I loved anyone like him he’s so disrespectful to me all the time. I told him we got out of the lease and I need $500 to pay the rest and he’s being so greedy about giving it to me. I want out I want him out of my life so bad. He can be in the child’s life but how do I get over such a asshole.