I think I’m stupid 🤔

Ok I’m going to make this long story short..

I’m in high school (yes I do good in high school and don’t obsess over this) but I’ve never really been attracted to anyone my age...I’m more into...older guys (oh boy) not like 70 year old men more like 35-45 years old I KNOWWWWWWW it sounds soo bad and I’m sorry (it’s not like I will go around and sleep with someone obviously cause I’m under age) I would never do anything like that

Plus I would get into a shiz ton of trouble and the other guy would too so ofc I won’t do anything like that I just think they r cute

It’s just idk why..like my parents know that I like older men but they don’t really find it a problem because they know I’d NEVER do anything dumb obviously

It’s just kind of hard to swallow for me like why can’t I just be normal

Ever since grade 9 I’ve felt this way!

I just idk :(

I want to like people my age but uh...ya