Aussie mummas!!!!

I need to know something. I know it's so far away but it dawned on me today, what can I do about my 2 children when it comes to birth/labor? My partner is now out of the picture it scares me more that I'll be having the baby alone and no one to help with the kids at all or last minute. Obviously I can't bring the kids with me to hospital. It's only the kids and I, no friends or family here at all.. is there nurses or midwives that you can arrange look after them? I'll obviously have to drive myself too when it’s time because I don't know anyone that can help with the travel and car seat drama so I have to drive and have car ready waiting at hospital etc. I'm so lost and confused and need advice on what I can do. Can I talk to a worker about this and have them help on the day?? Then I'll have services on my ass about it as to why I'm a single parent blah blah blah. I need help :(