Pregnant or Paranoid?

Okay ladies. I’m paranoid.

My boyfriend and I had sex without condom for the first time about a month ago, after it all happened he bought me a plan B pill. I then get my period two weeks later (I had two weeks more to go for my period to come) now it’s been a “month” since that period came and I’m currently 8 days late; from when the period is supposed to come again. So am I just stressing orrrrrr there’s a possibility. To make this all more stressful I’ve been gaining weight and getting a little tummy, so now I’m even more paranoid. I don’t wanna take a test yet cause I’m scared it’ll come back positive. I’m sure y’all will say to take it already just to be safe and I will once I get you’re guys opinions and get a bit of ovaries haha get it? Okay what’s your guys thoughts?