Man accidentally leaves his baby in a car at the train station


This is a older story you might have seen on the news.

A man accidentally leaves his baby in car, forgetting to drop the baby off at daycare. The man left the baby in the car in the train station parking lot he then boards the train to go to work. 35 minutes later he then realized he left his baby in the car and he calls the police to rescue his baby while he makes his way back to the train station.

So the man did take the right steps by notifying police knowing they would be able to get there much quicker then him.

The police did get there in time and rescue the baby before the unimaginable happened.

Do you think the man should be charged with child neglect or any other crime?

I posted this in another section of this app earlier today but decided to move it here. I do realize there is a post below this that is somewhat similar but different so I wanted to hear opinions on this situation.