21st June- Basically I’m 2dpo, 11 days until my next period,me and my bf had sex and he came in me a few times while I was ovulating, I’m getting symptoms like sickness, extreme lower back pain, flushes, cramps by my ovaries and just above, dizziness, peeing A LOT, bloated, really gassy (burps and farts tmi sorry) my boobs feel sore and heavy, I’m having headaches and I feel like I have the flu was just in the shower and to touch the water was boiling but I felt absolutely freezing. Just looking for advice really, obviously it’s too early to test so🤷🏼‍♀️

In the night I found a lot of dark brown thick mucus in my underwear so I wore a liner to bed to keep an eye on things

22nd June- 3dpo, 10 days until my next period, woke up to a little pink almost clear spotting, still having all of the pains and sickness etc

In the afternoon I had agonising pain in my lower back, vagina and pelvic area. I had a little dark mucus on the pad every time I changed but as I’d sit to pee a lot of pale red blood would come out into the toilet then it went back to pale pink almost clear discharge again in the evening

Just before I left work I was sick as soon as I ate

23rd June- 4dpo, 9 days until my next period, woke up to a bit of dark brown mucus again

*UPDATE* there’s no more spotting on my pad as of 24th June (5dpo) in the evening and nothing overnight.

25th June (6dpo) stomach cramps are kicking in and still sickness but no sore boobs🤷🏼‍♀️ really bloated and feeling full but extremely thirsty and dry throat

26th June (7dpo) woke up feeling sick, bad headache and really tired like exhausted