I need to vent :(

Sherina • 🚔 State Trooper Wifey 🚔

So tomorrow I will be 36 weeks and have always read 4 weeks ahead because baby is so big. I go back tomorrow for another growth scan also. 3 weeks ago baby was already 6 pounds. The doctors have told me since 33 weeks I’d be lucky to make it to 37 weeks and if I do he’ll be around 10 pounds. I am not a big girl at all pre-pregnancy! I’m 5’3” and before pregnancy I weighed around 125. At 35 weeks I started going into pre-labor so my doctor sent me to outpatient to be monitored and was giving medicine to stop labor. Here’s the part that aggravates me. September when I conceived, I had what was thought to be 2 periods. One was at the beginning that was a full normal period and lasted 4 days...my normal deal. Well 4 weeks later I bled for a day, light spotting and they’re counting that as my last period but I spotted like that up until week 12. Come to find out, then, I had a sub chorionic hematoma...which is what that one day bleeding was. All of my reading puts me at 40 weeks tomorrow instead of 36.

My complaint...I’m dying!! I have hard hard contractions every 10-15 minutes so there’s no alarm yet and I have dilated to a 3 (last week). The weight and pressure is getting unbearable!! I cant sleep, I can’t lay down, period in any position because the pain is so bad in my lower stomach, sides and hips. The contractions I can handle but the pain from his weight is something else! The docs won’t move my due date. I have tried belts, wraps, pregnancy pillows and regular pillows and nothing is easing the pain, it just keeps getting worse with his growth. What else can I do?! I have 3 other girls and have NEVER felt this kind of pain with them so my pregnancy experience is pretty high and my pain tolerance is high also. What can I do? What can I ask my doctor to do!?