Just want to cry

My partner and I went to go visit his high school friend. His friend dates this annoying twenty year old girl(not woman cause she acts like a toddler) and his friend is twenty five. His friend’s girlfriend doesn’t shut the fuck up about how she got pregnant in two months. She tries to tell me information that I really didn’t even need honestly. Why? Cause everyone is different.

She told me all babies get jaundice, I’m just like no the fuck they don’t because neither I or my brothers had it

Don’t look at the epidural needle, well I’m not get that shit in my back. I don’t like Ivs so epidural is a hard no

How she wants ten kids but my partner’s friend doesn’t. (She trapped him with the first kid)

She just doesn’t understand how babies work. She’ll leave the baby in his diaper and bitch about him needing a clean diaper like bitch you are right there change him. (She didn’t want me to touch her baby so I didn’t offer to help)

She’ll blow smoke with a newborn around I’m like wow I hope this baby doesn’t struggle to breath later on. Then she’ll be looking stupid as to why her kid has trouble breathing. Maybe if she put the fucking vape down every once in a while it’ll help.

How does someone like this get to have a kid and I am having trouble. I don’t want to keep tracking my ovulation then keep hearing it’s negative. That’s painful. Yes I know it hasn’t been years but even a few months is pretty disappointing when you see the accidental pregnancy. Then they tell you oh it was an accident. I’ll be happy for people that get pregnant but I still want to be a mom. I’ll always say congratulations and put on a smile and be happy. Sometimes I cry but it’s life and you face the challenges it throws at you. I’m not giving up I’ll keep trying